Below are tips on how to trouble-shoot common complaints regarding hearing aids. While some trouble-shooting techniques are simple and easy, others may take practice. Remember, if all else fails, our Audiologist is only too happy to help.

The two most common reasons for a hearing aid to completely stop working are :

  • A dead battery, or
  • A blockage in the the sound outlet or earmold/tubing.

Before changing the battery, check the hearing aid for any blockages. Wax is the most likely cuprit, however sometimes moisture can accumulate, especially if the weather has been humid. Clear any blockages carefully with a cleaning whisker, air puffer or tissue and then try the hearing aid again. If there is still no sound, then try changing the battery.

If the hearing aid is still not working, there may be a broken component or part. Please bring it into us and we can have it repaired for you.

Whistling (feedback) is caused when sound leaks out of the hearing aid’s speaker and back into the microphone. It is uncommon for a well-fitted, modern hearing aid to whistle.

  • If you hearing aid whistles all the time it may not be seated in your ear correctly – check the fit, and make sure the aid is pushed in to the correct depth.
  • Ear wax can also cause more sound to leak from the ear, so have your ears checked for wax.
  • Damage to the hearing aid or one of its parts may also cause whistling. Check over your aids for damage. If any is found, see your audiologist.
  • If your hearing aids are whistling some of the time they may be turned up too loud. Check that your volume control is not set too high.
  • It may also be that the fit of your ear-piece (mould) has changed with time and you require a new one. See your audiologist.

There are several possible causes of a weak hearing aid. Things you can check at home are:

  • Look for blockages in the hearing aid speaker outlet or tubing/ear mould assembly. Blockages will let less sound come through into your ear.
  • Have your ears checked for ear wax.
  • Check the volume control setting. It may have been set too low.