Adult Hearing Services

Canberra Audiology offers a full range of adult hearing services, including:

A diagnostic hearing test is the best way to find out exactly what your hearing is like. Our hearing tests include a full discussion regarding your hearing difficulties, an examination of your ears, a test of the middle-ear and ear drum, and a test of your hearing sensitivity with both air and bone-conduction. We provide you (and your referring doctor, if needed) with a full copy and explanation of your results.

We are also able to offer a range of specialist diagnostic tests such as transient and distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing (TOAEs and DPOAEs) speech-in-noise testing, auditory processing testing as well as screening tests for attention, language, intelligence and cognitive function.

If you’re about to start a job or are currently in a job that requires you to have your hearing tested, we can help you out. We offer employment hearing screenings for a wide range of industries and occupations and can provide you and your employer with all relevant results.

If you hold a private or a commercial pilot’s licence, you will need to get your hearing tested from time to time to maintain your registration. We supply hearing assessment for pilots renewing their registration and can provide you and your doctor with all relevant results.

Tinnitus is a surprisingly common and bothersome symptom experienced by up to one in every three people. If your tinnitus is bothersome and you would like it investigated, we can help you out.

As tinnitus is commonly a result of a change in your hearing, a tinnitus assessment always starts with a diagnostic hearing assessment. This hearing test will also include a formal discussion and analysis of your tinnitus, the symptoms you experience, and how it impacts your life.

Depending on your hearing test results, you may wish to pursue further treatment. Our audiologists are experienced in providing Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and, through application of sound therapy and appropriate counselling, can help you manage your tinnitus. Click here to read more…

Protecting your hearing from loud noise exposure is the best way to prevent early onset hearing loss and tinnitus. Our audiologists can provide you with a range of appropriate custom made hearing protectors. This includes:

  • musicians earplugs
  • sleep plugs
  • electronic earplugs (for firearms use)

We offer a full range of hearing aid services. As an independent audiology clinic we can provide hearing aid services without obligations to sell any particular model or manufacturer. We are dedicated to helping you find the right solution for you at a reasonable price. Click here to read more about our hearing aid services…

If you need your hearing aids serviced, cleaned, or repaired, we can help you out. Our audiologists and our reception staff can help you with any maintenance required for your hearing aid. You can also buy supplies and spare parts from us, if the specific part is not in stock we can order the parts for you to pick within a few business days.