There Are Many Solutions…

There are a number of ways to improve your hearing, and every single method will work differently for every person. Improving your hearing needs to be done with a personal approach, taking into account all the individual aspects that make your hearing unique.

Our audiologists at Canberra Audiology are experts in improving your hearing. It is our aim to help you improve your hearing no matter what your circumstances. We will talk with you about your individual preferences in order to come up with a personalised solution.

Below are a number of ways in which your hearing might be improved.

Medical Treatments

Some hearing losses, primarily conductive hearing losses, may be treated medically. Depending on the diagnosis of your hearing loss there may be a medical approach to improving your hearing, either through medication or surgery. Consult with your audiologist and your doctor to see what options are available.



Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

Bone conduction hearing aids are used to improve conductive hearing loss. By sending sound as a vibration through the bone, sound is able to bypass any blockages in the outer or middle ear to stimulate the inner ear directly. Some bone conduction hearing aids need to be implanted via surgery, while others can be worn externally.


Communication Strategies

You may benefit from thinking about the way you communicate. Many people with normal hearing have difficulty listening, particularly in noisy environments. You might benefit from asking yourself: Am I making eye-contact and reading body language when I listen? Am I standing in a very noisy place? Am I concentrating on what I want to hear? The way you communicate is extremely important and can make a big difference.

Hearing Aid Use

Hearing aids will suit most types of hearing loss, both conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing aids also come in a range of strengths so they can accomodate everything from a mild to a severe or even profound hearing loss. Hearing aids are specifically tuned to your hearing so no two hearing aids are the same. Some hearing aids sit behind your ear while others sit inside it. Some hearing aids are rechargeable, while others will connect directly to your mobile phone. When it comes to hearing aids, there’s always plenty of options.


Cochlear Implants

The cochlear implant is the innovation that can restore hearing to those who are profoundly deaf. As the name suggests, the implant is inserted into the cochlea in the inner ear where it can stimulate the auditory nerve and send electrical signals directly to the brain, even in those who are totally deaf. For those who are profoundly deaf and receive little to no benefit from hearing aid use, a cochlear implant may be a suitable way to improve your hearing.

Assistive Listening Devices

If you would like some extra assistance with hearing there is a range of devices designed to help hearing in almost any situation. From TV Headsets to remote microphones to bluetooth streamers, there’s a range of devices to assist you.